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"OwnYourInfo puts your private data in a mobile lockbox"

"OwnYourInfo is the perfect solution for individuals looking to organize all of their vital information in a single place on the web."

"It's a handy little system that could point towards the future of user-centric ownership over the giant cloud of data created by living in the modern world"

"An OwnYourInfo account holder can store personal, financial, career and medical information for himself/herself and multiple family members"

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What is OwnYourInfo?

OwnYourInfo is an application that enables you to organize and securely store your most important information. With OwnYourInfo your information is not only safe and backed up online, it is intuitively organized so that you can access the data you need quickly.

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Why use OwnYourInfo?

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Why should I trust OwnYourInfo?

Security of your personal information is important. OwnYourInfo has developed a business around that idea. Information stored and transmitted using OwnYourInfo is encrypted, backed up and protected within a state of the art data center.

Below is a list of certifications and affiliations that OwnYourInfo uses to stay on top of personal information management, security and privacy.

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